Greetings from Rene Izquierdo, Music Director

Dear Mandolin Lovers in Japan, 



As Music Director of the Milwaukee Mandolin Orchestra, it is my great pleasure to welcome you to the MMO Japan Tour.



Growing up, I always admired the Japanese culture, their commitment for excellence, and how traditions were kept alive, treasuring the past, enriching the present and transforming the future. 


The Mandolin is not an exception, starting the tradition in Japan around 1900’s, it shares very close ties to the year of the foundation of the Milwaukee Mandolin Orchestra. Since I began conducting the MMO, it has been a dream of mine to have these two different cultures and worlds unite in the common language of music, a celebration of life, beauty, and mandolins. 



I am looking forward to creating with music, new bridges and friendship with the Japanese musicians and audience in general. Despite being so far apart we share the same love and passion for music and excellence. The world needs more music to spread the message of peace. The power of music will open the doors to people’s hearts and bring us closer together as human beings. 


I sincerely look forward to working with talented groups in Japan, Porta Bianca Mandolino and IL MARE Mandolin Club, and seeing wonderful audience in Tokyo and Chiba.  


Rene Izquierdo, Music Director

Milwaukee Mandolin Orchestra










日本の優れたマンドリン楽団、ポルタ・ビアンカ・マンドリーノ と イルマーレ マンドリンクラブの皆さまとステージを共にすること、東京と千葉の素晴らしいお客様にお逢い出来ることを本当に楽しみにしております。



音楽監督 レネ・イスキエルド